Above: Frame from "The Horseman" (Crew, Camera Gear, Online & Grading)

You are a filmmaker

You create films. To do this you need a team of professionals to support you. We are RawCinemaShop. We combine a vast range of supporting services and seasoned professionals all working under the same roof in Ghent, Belgium to help you, the filmmaker, achieve your vision.

It doesn't matter if your project is still an idea or if you have finished editing and are looking for final delivery of your film; RawCinemaShop is here to help you get it completed.

Maybe you need an opinion on the technical feasibility of your script or are looking to hire some gear or engage a crew; maybe you need an editing booth, a production room or green-key studio or are looking to get your footage edited and colour graded; RawCinemaShop is your one-stop filmmaking shop and we're looking forward to meeting you.