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A-Cam dII Showcase

A-Cam dII Showcase


Spielfilm (D 2015, 90 Minuten) featurefilm (germany 2015, 90 minutes) Eine Sozialkomödie über Freunschaft, dem Streben nach Glück, Einsamkeit und dem bunt komplizierten Dasein ... Sieben "ganz normale Tage" mit "ganz normalen" Vorkomnissen, die auch ein Abschied und Neubeginn für alle sind. A social comedy about friendship, life views, the pursuit of happiness, loneliness and the colorful, complicated life ... Seven ordinary days, filled with "ordinary events", mark the partings such as new beginnings for all of them. Mit: Theresa Tripp, Saskia Inken Rutner, Stephanie Blass, Martin Moeller, Merlin Leonhardt, Harald Geil, Julie Trappett, Christian Wewerka Produktion: KWER PRODUKTION Drehbuch und Regie: Katharina Antonia Popov Kamera: Jonas Römmig © 2015 Kwer Produktion

Performed & Choreographed by Kay Rimmington Filmed & Edited by Ross A Wilson 

A short film about Brazilian singer Karina Buhr and her relationship with Germany, Berlin and the Wall. Directed and edited by: Flora Lahuerta & Theo Solnik Cinematography: Theo Solnik Shot on the Ikonoskop a-cam-dii in Berlin

Every cop has that one event, that one memory they just can't shake... Written & Directed by Sam Goetz Cinematographer: Jonathan Yi 

a film by Eric Baudelaire 1h43min
Thinh Studio www.thinhstudio.com held a gallery open house in Hawthorne, CA and Resonance Imaging www.resonance-imaging.com covered the event for Forth Magazine www.forthmagazine.com
Thinh Studio www.thinhstudio.com curated an event in Hawthorne, CA called Limelight. Resonance Imaging www.resonance-imaging.com covered the event for Forth Magazine www.forthmagazine.com
Thinh Studio www.thinhstudio.com held a gallery open house in Hawthorne, CA and Resonance Imaging www.resonance-imaging.com covered the event for Forth Magazine www.forthmagazine.com
Thinh Studio www.thinhstudio.com curated an event in Hawthorne, CA called Limelight. Resonance Imaging www.resonance-imaging.com covered the event for Forth Magazine www.forthmagazine.com
Muusika: Imandra Lake - Ärkamise Aeg Klient: ERR Režissöör: René Vilbre Operaator: Kristjan-Jaak Nuudi Töötlus: FrostFX Aasta: 2013
Après presque un an et demi d'un travail acharné, voici les 1ères images de Cruelle Annabelle, un court-métrage bercé de romantisme noir sur une musique de Daisy Herbaut. Loin d'avoir tout montré dans cette bande annonce, j'ai justement gardé secret le principal de l'histoire ainsi qu'une séquence en animation à la poésie si particulière... La suite, vous la découvrirez en festivals...
Short A Month #2: WayO While Hank and Marina are on a walk in the park, Marina finds a mystical treasure box that holds a strange secret. Starring: Shannon Coffey & Zach Broussard Written & Directed By: Kirk Larsen DP: Kenny Wu AC: Cody Schrock Producers: Allison Phillips, Maura Scully, Kirk Larsen, Tim Jansen Editor: Kirk Larsen Location Sound: Tim Jansen Original Music: Matt Buechele Graphics: Ed Mundy Additional Keying: Tim Jansen Special Thanks A-Cam NYC for the Ikonoskop A-Cam Dii
A documentary short about taxidermy artist Becca Barnet. If you want to see more of Becca's work, go to beccabar.net Shot on the Ikonoskop A Cam DII. Color graded in Davinci Resolve. Edited in Premiere Pro.
shot in los angeles during the first weekend of april 2014 on the ikonoskop a-cam dii

Brand New (2012) / Creative Directors Afshin Moeini, Arthur Röing Baer, Moa Wiking / Beckmans College of Design / Director of Photography Olle Kirchmeier / Collections by Amanda Andersson, Emmy Andersson, Alina Brane, Ebba Camitz, Isabel Elfast, Per Götesson, Lisa Laurell Amandonicio, Lina Michal, Lamija Suljevic, Rikard Wahl, Fiffi Wilton ... Camera A Cam D II 

Portrait of my sister, Andrea Jenkins. see more of her work and life at http://hulaseventy.blogspot.com/ Directed by Nathan Corrona and her.

Directed by: Nathan Corrona DP: Nathan Corrona CO-DP: Mick Hawkins Editor: Nathan Corrona Produced by: Dustbrand Films Ikonoskop A-CAM DII
Directed and edited by Flora Lahuerta & Theo Solnik Director of photography: Theo Solnik Art Direction and Makeup: Flora Lahuerta Shot in Berlin with the Ikonoskop a-cam-dii

Filmed by Kalle Folke

ARTIST Tom E. Lewis SONG Can't Change Your Name DURATION 03:32 ASPECT 16:9 (1:2.35 letterbox) LABEL Skinnyfish Music ALBUM Beneath The Sun DIRECTOR Paul Damien Williams PRODUCTION Sutton Grange Films Apart from the archival footage, the entire clip was shot on an Ikonoskop A-Cam DII with a Switar 25mm f1:1.4 C-mount lens. Grade byVincent Taylor at Raygun Studios (Melbourne Australia) using Da Vinci Resolve 10.
Directed by Nathan Corrona Edited by Nathan Corrona DP: Nathan Corrona Camera OP: Mick Hawkins Produced by: Dustbrand Films
Directed by Nathan Corrona Produced by Nathan Corrona DP Nathan Corrona Edited by Nathan Corrona

Documentary about 2Fik's performance at Zagreb in 2013 by Benjamin Sylvand.


Sundowner - Life In Embers (Official Video)
Directed by Jon Yi - www.jonathanyi.com

Leek and the War Wick Tragedy - The One
Directed by Alex Joseski
Producers: Luke Humphries, Alex Joseski
Cinematographer: Jonathan Burton

By Anton du Preez

Trailer for the novella film A Living Soul by Henry Moore Selder Produced by B-Reel Feature Films www.a-living-soul.com https://www.facebook.com/alivingsoul http://www.b-reel.com/projects/feature-films/case/487/a-living-soul Shot on Ikonoskop a-cam dII

 Shot & Edited by Ross A Wilson www.reactfilms.co.uk www.twitter.com/RossReactFilms Music 'Soldier' Written by Stephane Joachim Composed by V. Peare [DJ Vadim] / 5Nizza Produced by V. Peare [DJ Vadim] Special Thanks CrossFitt Southern Legion Tregonwell Academy Cellar Bar UpFest 2013 Natalia Dawidowicz

DP: Jonathan Yi

Timelapse shot with Ikonoskop A-Cam DII Ikonoskop Camera Rental http://resonanceimaging.squarespace.com/

A collection of clips that I put together to see if I could create a visual storyboard using unrelated and unintentional shots. I was working on emulating looks that I had created in Adobe Speedgrade in GoPro Cineform after converting Cinema DNG files shot on the Ikonoskop A-Cam to Cineform RAW. All shots are handheld and were mainly to develop looks for low light shooting. Some of the scenes have heavy banding after being compressed by Vimeo but there is none in the Cinema DNG or Cineform Masters. Camera: Ikonoskop A-Cam DII Lens: Zeiss 11-110 Tiffen IR NDs and Schneider One Stop Tru Pola Ikonoskop Camera Rental http://resonanceimaging.squarespace.com/

Directed by Alex Markman, shot on Ikonoskop's A-Cam DII "Lenape Land" was written, performed, recorded, and mixed by Brian Bond. It was released on a split 12" LP with Brian's brother PJ, entitled "Brother Bones/Baby Bones" brianbondmusic.com

Mallard's Rest is a short poetic film with multi-channel sound that uses Magritte's juxtaposition of everyday objects and unfamiliar places to explore the differences between what we hear, what we see, and what we know. The piece can be performed live as a work of "Live Cinema." - by Theo Lipfert

Photography by Colin Leveque Edited by Fabien Deplanque Directed by Julien Bechara Made possible thanks to the help of Leslie Artamonow, Baudry Deglimes and Henriette Stache

Official Music Video for ''When You See Red" taken from the New Album ''On Rapids" produced by John McEntire with Brune Campos a Playtime Films Production (www.playtimefilms.com) directed by Julien Bechara Photography by Gilles Labarbe Edited by Matthieu Frances. Warmest Thanks to "the Collectivo Garcia Lorca" in Brussels www.garcialorca.be also to François Schultz and his team and Joachim Vansteelant http://www.wearevo.com / www.facebook.com/wearevo

By Anton du Preez

A pan-european style surreal mystery short film by Ross A Wilson.

Feature film shot on the A-Cam dII by Estonian DP and A-Cam dII pioneer Kristjan-Jaak Nuudi.

Real Value is an independent documentary film by Jesse Borkowski that explores real, profitable businesses that choose to focus not just on the bottom line, but on the health of their surrounding communities and the planet that we all share. Learn more about Real Value at http://bit.ly/15F7ttQ Interviews in order of appearance: Carol Koury - Sow True Seed - http://bit.ly/18Ft5Fg Lyle Estill - Piedmont Biofuels - http://bit.ly/13TPzzd Eric Henry - TS Designs - http://bit.ly/13sFPww Copyright 2013 Nothing Underground

Graded on mistika Camera: Ikonoskop A-Cam DII Lens: 12mm,16mm,25mm,50mm, Zeiss Superspeed MKI T1.3 canon 90mm,200mm

Starring: Elle Vertes // Director: Jonathan Yi // Cinematographers: Jonathan Yi + Mary Perrino // Assistant Camera + Creeper: Lance Lee // Colorist: Donato Boccia at Nice Shoes // Camera Vendor: Ryan DeFranco // Music: "Thirteen" by Big Star // Thanks: Sam Goetz, Joachim Vansteelant, Alexander Chinnici, Alex Kurze, Megan Kelly, Mary Piciocchi, Click 3X Camera: Ikonoskop A-Cam DII Lens: 16mm Zeiss Superspeed MKI T1.3 Filter: Heliopan 58mm Variable Gray ND Filter Dailies were processed in DaVinci Resolve. Edit was done with FCP 7. Online color correction was done on a Baselight system at Nice Shoes by colorist Donato Boccia. Full coverage and story at Planet5D: http://blog.planet5d.com/2013/07/ikonoskop-raw-video-isnt-dead-coney-island-by-jonathan-yi/

Featuring Arizona Muse A Steven Sebring Film #ModernMuse Learn more: www.esteelauder.com/modernmuse

Directed, Filmed & Edited by Dust. 

Skådespelare Bahar Kiasat / Vidar Eriksson Dikt läst av Mikaela Knapp Regi Henri Rondahl Foto Erik Vallsten Ljud David Lindskog Musik Bosques de mi Mente Dikt Henri Rondahl

Midday and Eternity (the time piece) Concept and Direction Eleanor Bauer Choreography and Performance Eleanor Bauer Rebecka Stillman Cecilia Lisa Eliceche Naiara Mendioroz Music Chris Peck Scenography 88888 Lighting Bardia Mohammad Costumes Ada Rajzsys Documentation and Filming Robbrecht Desmet Production Caravan Production for GoodMove vzw Coproduction Kaaitheater, BUDA (Kortrijk) in collaboration with Festival Latitudes Contemporaines (Lille), Vooruit (Gent), residencies SIN Culture Center (Budapest), PACT Zollverein (Essen) With The Support of The Flemish Authorities and the Flemish Community Commission of the Brussels Capital Region Special Thanks Nathan John, Mylène Lauzon, Thibault Lac, The Wild Unknown Contact Caravan Production vzw Handelskaai 18 B-1000 Brussel www.caravanproduction.be info@caravanprodution.be T +32 2 226 45 82 F +32 2 218 74 53

HATHOR CONSORT & FEMKE GYSELINCK Flow, my tears, fall from your springs Music — Lachrimae or Seven Teares by John Dowland [1563-1626] Performed by Hathor Consort — Romina Lischka Choreography & dance — Femke Gyselinck Romina Lischka — discantgamba Liam Fennelly — tenorgamba Thomas Baeté — tenorgamba Anne Bernard — basgamba Benoît Vanden Bemden — grootbasgamba Sofie Vanden Eynde — renaissanceluit Graphic design — Valentijn Goethals & Thomas Lootens Film & editing — Robbrecht Desmet

Camera: Ikonoskop A-cam D2 Lens: Cooke 10-30 T1.5 (shot mostly wide open) Filters: Format ProStop IRND Workflow: Graded quickly in lightroom, exported as TIFF sequences, imported into Da Vinci Resolve Lite and converted to ProRes 422(HQ) Export format: 720p H264 in MPEG Streamclip Shot by Doron Tempert and Raam Reddy Company: Prspctvs Productions, Bangalore, India

Produced by Nothing Underground Directed by Jesse Borkowski Song by Gulley Audio Recorded by Bryan Baker Filmed on the Ikonoskop A-Cam DII

A short film by Joosje Hendrikx. Music: Love like birds. With Anna-Franziska Jaeger, Els Dottermans and Violet Braeckman.

camera: ikonoskop lens: nikon 20mm f2.8 lens. music: J'y suis jamais allé - Yann Tiersen

“The departure” was developed by decoystudios with the collaboration of Tony Zagoraios for Pause festival in Australia. 

The new Co collection film was directed by Thomas Bangalter and shot on the A-Cam dll. "To celebrate their spring/summer 2012 collection, the Co designers Stephanie Danan and Justin Kern collaborated with Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter and the actress Élodie Bouchez."

Shot with the pre production A-Cam Dll Panchromatic with black & white sensor by Erik Vallsten.

Autumn l was shot in Stockholm in October 2012 by DoP Erik Vallsten on the Ikonoskop A-Cam dll with some Nikon lenses and Tiffen ND filters. It was graded in Adobe AfterEffects and exported to ProRes and edited in Final Cut Pro 7. 

Autumn ll was shot in Stockholm in October 2012 by DoP Erik Vallsten on the Ikonoskop A-Cam dll Panchromatic with some Nikon lenses and Tiffen ND filters. It was graded in Adobe AfterEffects and exported to ProRes and edited in Final Cut Pro 7. 

Directed by Nathan Corrona Produced by Nathan Corrona DP Nathan Corrona Edited by Nathan Corrona shot on Ikonoskop A-CAM DII

Directed by Nathan Corrona - Edited by Nathan Corrona - DP Nathan Corrona - Produced by Nathan Corrona - shot on Ikonoskop A-CAM DII

Dublin is a 30 minutes fiction film about what happens in Sweden after a dramatic flight from a civil war. Daoud is a Dublin case. He has no influence over his future. He is in the hands of a quiet and suppressive system controlling his life. www.story.se/films/dublin Screened at:
 Gothenburg International Film Festival, January 2012
 Kyiv International Short Film Festival, June 2012 
Nordisk Panorama in Oulu, September 2012 
56th BFI London Film Festival Shorts programme, October 2012 Uppsala Short Film Festival Oct 24, 3pm & Oct 26, 9pm 
 Aesthetica Film Festival, York, UK, 8-11 November  Will be screened at: 

Festival du cinéma européen en Essonne, France, 13-25 November Director: David Aronowitsch Producer: Annika Rogell (annika@story.se) Production company: Story, www.story.se Filmed with Ikonoskop's A-Cam dII, www.ikonoskop.com/dii

Taken from 2012 album "Woodlands" Producer, Director, DOP & Editor: Henry Moore Selder 

directed by Eric Ménard and filmed in Berlin, with a fantastic swedish camera on two sunny days in september.

Shot with the Ikonoskop A-cam dII and Zeiss Arriflex S16 Lenses.

This was shot at Skogskyrkogården (The Woodland Cemetery) in Stockholm, Sweden in March 2011. I had the Super 16 Canon 8-64mm F2,4 zoom. The camera was set to 6db for this test. It is color corrected.

Grip: Joost Broucke DP: Jelle Van Coillie Directed & Edited by Joachim Vansteelant Music by brunk (Bert Vanden Berghe) Filmed in Ghent, Belgium on January 16th, 2012. Camera: Ikonoskop A-cam dII / GoPro HD Hero2 Lenses: Ikonoskop 9mm S16 / Linos MeVis-C 12, 16 & 25mm Short Lyrical Documentary Digital Video 1080p

Location Sound Recording: Thomas Vertongen DP: Jelle Van Coillie Directed & Edited by Joachim Vansteelant Music by brunk (Bert Vanden Berghe) Filmed in Bruges, Belgium on May 29th, 2012. Camera: Ikonoskop A-cam dII Lenses: Arriflex Zeiss Distagons mkI Short Lyrical Documentary Digital Video 1080p

The nature is for real, the bird is CG in every shot. Hard to tell right? Director: Marcus Lundin Exec. DoP: John Strandh 

Spanish commercial by EmotionCooking. Shoot with A-Cam dll, Angenieux 12-120mm/15-150mm and Zeiss primes and graded in Mistika.

Directed by Nathan Corrona - Produced by Nathan Corrona -Edited by Nathan Corrona - DP Nathan Corrona - Shot on A-CAM DII

Instru Sankaritar Promo DOP Jallo Faber.

Excerpt from the short film: Lulu Du Lac. Dir.: Willem Leyssens. Shot on Ikonoskop A-cam dII with Zeiss Super Speed MKIII prime lenses. Steadicam: Jan Lemmens.

Two teenagers, Jules and Adrien, decide to revisit the house they used to live in but only to find their past in an unrecognizable state. They meet the current owners of the house who let them look around. The film is a chain of action versus reaction.

This is a test film for the Ikonoskop A-cam dII digital 16mm camera. It demonstrates the use of indoor and outdoor lighting, handheld use and color processing. All images were loaded into After Effects CS 5.5 where the RAW editor was used to process the footage. - Snehal Patel

Film/Edit: Konstantin Smola

This clip was shot by DOP Erik Vallsten in Sweden in 2011 with the A-Cam dll.

A-Cam dII Specifications

A-Cam dII Specifications

  • Image Size: 1920x1080 (1966x1092)
  • File Format: CinemaDNG
  • Colour Depth: 12 bit
  • File Size: 3.4 MB/frame
  • Sensor: CCD 10.6x6 mm
  • Shutter: Global, 5-360°
  • ISO: 200 at +0dB
  • Gain: +3dB, +6dB, +12dB
  • Dynamic Range: 10-11 stops
  • Frame Rate: 1 - 30 fps, time lapse and still image
  • Sound: 2 channel 16 bit 48kHz Line Level (24 bit Delta-Sigma A/D converter)
  • Timecode: SMPTE internal and external (via 5 pin Lemo)
  • Viewfinder: 640x480 Color LCD
  • Focus Assist: 1:1 pixel zoom
  • Exposure Assist: Viewfinder Histogram + False Colour (viewfinder and HD-SDI out)
  • Video Output: HD-SDI 1080p 4:2:2 10 bit
  • Internal Power: Sony NP-F770 type battery
  • External Power: 7.2v - 15v via 2 pin Lemo connector
  • Firmware Upgrades: via USB 2.0
  • Lens Mount: P+S Technik IMS Mount (PL, C, EF, Nikon, ...)
  • Body: Milled Solid Aluminium
  • Dimensions: 222mm x 91.5mm x 83mm
  • Thread Holes: 3/8'' and 1/4'' on bottom and top of camera
  • Weight: 1.650g including Memory Card and Battery

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Repair & Service

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