Compact but Complete Sony F55 Rental Kit - €395/day (excl. VAT & Shipping)

Content of Rental Flightcase:

  1. Sony F55: 4K CineAlta Camera with Global Shutter
  2. PL mount / Optitek active EF mount
  3. 2 x 128GB SxS Pro Memory Cards
  4. Sonnet Thunderbolt SxS Card Reader
  5. 2 x BP-FL75 Olivine Batteries
  6. Battery Charger
  7. Viewfinder
  8. Complete Vocas shoulder rig with handles and mattebox

Additional Kits:

  1. R5 - 16 bit Raw Recorder
  2. Tilta Film Dual Follow Focus FF-T04
  3. Zeiss CP.2 Lens Kit (18mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm)
  4. Angénieux 25-250 Zoom

Pricing (excl. VAT & Shipping):

daily fee = €395

Pick-up and return in Ghent (Belgium) or by overnight shipping.

For information, availability and booking use form below:

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